Kaleidoscope General Trading is ready to deliver the best services and solution ever. The chairman is a local Emirati Lawyer, who has worked in Dubai Courts for several years and who is well respected among the Sheikhs. Our services aim to help our client in their business for them to achieve their own objectives and goals

Below are the services we offer:



1. Trademark Registration


To register the trademark is one of the most important steps in entering the market in UAE. It will ensure the legal protection of your Intellectual Property rights. We have a team that will care about your brand and properties. The registration will be valid for all seven Emirates and GCC countries.


2. Product Registration (certification)


In order to start a trading business in the UAE or to find distributors manufacturers, consumers need to register their products in Dubai Municipality. To enter the international market with your products and services and gain respect and clients a company definitely needs to get internationally, regionally recognized certifications. Kaleidoscope is here to provide support especially for following certifications:


b. EQM

c. G-mark (this mark for all GCC countries)

d. Halal

e. Organic


3. Commercial Hostee Support


Kaleidoscope General Trading offers a flexible solution for each company. We help you to test the market before you establish your representative or branch office or open a company here in UAE particularly Dubai. You can place a sales or marketing specialist within our group of companies to test your products or services in the market, to gain client-list and partners.


4. Distributor Matching Support


Our team Kaleidoscope General Trading assure that after registering the products and acquiring the necessary certifications assists the companies to get distributor agency companies in UAE.


5. Business Solutions Support


We have helped both small and big companies, manufacturers and producers all over the world to have an existence in UAE. Kaleidoscope General Trading is very pleased to assist you in the following:

a. Setting up the company, branch, representative offices in Offshore, Free-zone, Mainland.

b. Suiting with the best local sponsor and local agent

c. Arranging Business Visit to UAE.

d. Hosting Delegations in UAE.


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